Supporting Our Public Safety Officers and Firefighters

When tragedy strikes, the effects are swift and devastating. The 100 Club of Durango recognizes the need to respond immediately with support and understanding. Whatever the need – financial, advisory or moral support, the 100 Club of Durango is there to ease the pain of the family of those in fire, public safety or law enforcement who are injured or killed in the line-of-duty.


Being a member of the fire department is being part of a “Brotherhood” and “Sisterhood,” a family.  There is a common conviction that exemplifies the highest standards of service.  The team concept is what is found in the fire service: it’s the “Brotherhood” and “Sisterhood” that brings firefighters together in one common bond, as well as gives them a deep connection with members of the community they serve.  One of the most rewarding parts of the fire service is saving a life; but not every emergency situation has a positive outcome; and in an industry that views death on a daily basis, firefighters often must depend on each other and the generosity of the community. The Hundred Club of Durango is such an organization united in a common interest and doctrine not unlike the fire service.  The Hundred Club not only assists the surviving family members of fallen firefighters it provides the opportunity to children of firefighters in furthering their education at Fort Lewis College through The Hundred Club Scholarship Program.                                                

Mike Dunaway
Chief, Durango Fire & Rescue Authority

How does the hundred club work …
Within 72 hours of the death of a public safety officer on duty in La Plata County, The Hundred Club of Durango sends the surviving family a substantial contribution to provide for their immediate financial needs.

How is the club funded …
Funds distributed by The Hundred Club of Durango come entirely through private and individual donations and annual dues, which are $100 per year.  Membership proceeds are placed in secure financial instruments to assure growth without risk to the principal.  A three-member finance committee manages the funds of The Hundred Club of Durango.

Who joins the hundred club of Durango …
Any member of the La Plata County community who is thankful to have the services of our Law Enforcement Officers and Fire & Emergency Personnel who put their lives on the line for us all every day.

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