Our First Responders


Always There For Us

First responders are the unwavering guardians of our communities, always ready and available to provide assistance in times of need. Whether it’s a medical emergency, a fire, or a criminal incident, these dedicated individuals stand on the front lines, equipped with their expertise, skills, and unwavering commitment. They are the heroes who rush towards danger while others seek safety.

Photo by Jerry McBride/Durango Herald

Photo by Jerry McBride / Durango Herald

Service Is About People

First responders are not just brave professionals in uniforms; they are our family, friends, and neighbors who deeply love our community, just like any other citizen. They have chosen a path that requires them to put their lives on the line to protect and serve us. These extraordinary individuals understand the importance of community and dedicate their lives to safeguarding it. They are driven by a genuine passion for ensuring the safety and well-being of those around them.

La Plata County First Responder Agencies

Durango Fire District
Fort Lewis Mesa Fire District
Los Piños Fire District
Upper Pine River Fire District
Bayfield Police Department
Durango Police Department
Fort Lewis College Police Department
Ignacio Police Department
Southern Ute Tribal Police
La Plata County Sheriff
Colorado State Patrol

The women and men of La Plata County police, firefighters, sheriff deputies, and highway patrol are family, friends, and neighbors.

Like everyone, they are challenged with family, work, the cost of living, and other issues. In addition, first responders face additional risk every day they go to work to answer our calls for help. They put themselves in harm’s way to keep our community safe. Here are just a few representatives of our first responders.

Photo by: Scott DW Smith

Bottom Row – L to R

Sergeant Mathew Dufva – Fort Lewis College Police
Deputy Cody Hawman and K-9 Ozzy – La Plata County Sheriff
Deputy Dean Brown – La Plata County Sheriff
Deputy Alayna Latimore – La Plata County Sheriff
Deputy Reid Brubaker – La Plata County Sheriff
Lieutenant Luke Reitz – Fort Lewis Mesa Fire
Firefigher / EMT Danielle Lee- Lewis Mesa Fire
Trooper Robert Howell – Colorado Highway Patrol
Trooper Eddie McLaren-Rose – Colorado Highway Patrol
Chief Tom Boyce – Southern Ute Police
Deputy Matt Gallegos – Bayfield Police
Deputy Alex Jun – Bayfield Police
Dean Brown – Founding Director; Hundred Club
Firefighter / EMT Dominic Missildine – Durango Fire District
Firefighter / Paramedic Shaun Burke – Durango Fire District
Captain Tom Walsh – Durango Fire District
Firefighter / EMT Will Clark – Durango Fire District
Engineer Drew Duval – Durango Fire District

Top Row – L to R

Sergeant Wes Crume – Ignacio Police
Officer Miguel Perez – Ignacio Police
Chief Bruce Evans – Upper Pine River Fire
Chief Greg French – Upper Pine River Fire
Commander Nick Stasi – Durango Police
Officer Dave Cunningham – Durango Police
Officer Deondre Ball – Durango Police
Officer Sam Kullberg – Durango Police
Firefighter / EMT Enda Tello-Espinosa – Los Pinos Fire District
Volunteer Coordinator Scott Davis – Los Pinos Fire District
Don Mapel – Hundred Club Founding Director and President

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