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Hundred Club Scholarships

2023-24 Hundred Club Scholars

Invest in the future! The majority of Hundred Club expenses are for college and trade school scholarships for the children and dependents of La Plata County first responders. This program is instrumental in retaining firefighting, law enforcement, and emergency responders.

Hundred Club Scholars

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Madyson is a Hundred Club scholar studying at Brigham Young University. Her father is a Durango Police Officer.

Madyson quote
This scholarship has absolutely changed my life. It has given me the privilege of focusing on school more than work. I truly feel my first priority can be education, and it is such a blessing. The Durango Hundred Club’s support motivates me to work harder and achieve success to show them how much this scholarship means to me. College has taught me so much more than academia. I feel I have learned so much about myself and how to work toward a goal. I have been shown my strengths and my weaknesses. This scholarship is allowing me to achieve my dreams. Thank you for the support.”


Adam is a Hundred Club scholar studying at Fort Lewis College. His father is a La Plata County Sheriff’s Officer.

Adam’s Quote
This scholarship means so much to me and my future goals. I would like to work as either a game warden or biologist for either Colorado parks and wildlife or a federal agency such as the United State Forest Service. I love music and hope to play with a group in the future. One of the main obstacles to these goals is the cost of college and getting my degrees. My Hundred Club scholarship benefits me and my family greatly in paying for college and taking the stress of debt away. Ever since I have had this scholarship, I have been able to pursue my education and other opportunities, such as volunteering for Colorado Parks and Wildlife and working over the summer for the United State Forest Service in Idaho.